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Repair story


“When manufacturing our natural wood furniture, we pay attention to high-quality, natural materials. In keeping with our sustainable philosophy, we do everything we can to keep them in circulation for as long as possible. We therefore value artrepair as a regional and competent partner when it comes to professional repair and cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces. This ensures that our products last for a long time and the resources used are used optimally.”

Ernst Zach

Team leader After Satles service,
on the 7th


“We have valued artrepair as a reliable partner for many years when it comes to professional repairs on our architectural projects. And we know that we can always count on a smooth process and competent on-site support.”

Martin Steininger

CEO Steininger.Designers GmbH


"At artrepair the area of influence only begins where it ends with others. 
We value the reliability and professionalism of the end customer as much as we do towards ourselves."

Stefan Schindele

Service | Team leadership
JOSKO windows & Doors GmbH



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Please send us a photo of each affected item to better assess the damage. (overall and detailed recording)

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Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage, wir kümmern uns umgehend um ihr Anliegen!

We ask for your understanding that if information such as RAL or address is missing, the offer may be delayed or not made!

If it is not possible to submit an offer based on your information, an inspection must be carried out. This is planned as part of a tour and can take some time.

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