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All from a single source.
For surfaces as perfect as new.

Repair. Clean. Maintain.

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Different materials have different advantages, but also their pitfalls. So you can not only through Damage occurs through carelessness, but also simply through everyday use. From A as in chipped to Z as in scratched: In any case, we make you happy without any damage.

Surface repair


Not only damage disturbs the appearance, but also contamination of the surface. The list ranges from adhesive residue to lime streaks. Do you want to avoid damage caused by improper cleaning? We know what to do and clean a wide range of materials professionally.

Surface cleaning


Plastic and aluminum elements in particular need regular care so that they still look good even after years.are attractive and functionally flawless. In our shop we offer selected artclean products, whose We have tested its effectiveness over years of use.


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Burglary and vandalism

Burglars use almost any means to gain access to houses, business premises or other real estate.provide. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes they just try. In both cases, damage can occur.of considerable magnitude arise. Windows and doors in particular are often the victims of criminal acts. So that you In addition to the horror and annoyance, to avoid unnecessary financial and organizational effort, we take care of everything - from repairing the damage to dealing with the insurance company and installing protective measures to make further break-ins more difficult.



Do you wish the shine of a brand new hotel would never fade? We have the solution: artrepair HotelRefresh. We use this to polish your luxury image to a high shine again. From built-in furniture and door frames to leather and glass elements, we offer you a tailor-made service package for comprehensive surface repair and cleaning in your hotel. Instead of expensively replacing worn or damaged parts, we correct damage quickly and cost-effectively on site. This means you can impress your guests like you did on the first day in no time.

The all-inclusive package for hoteliers.



The uniqueness of furniture comes from the high quality down to the last detail. Damage can occur, especially during installation, but also during later use. We are bringing luxury back – with artrepair MöbelRefresh, a tailor-made service package for comprehensive surface repair and cleaning. From bathroom furniture to living room interiors: Instead of expensively replacing worn or damaged parts, we renew all damaged surfaces in a resource-saving and sustainable manner directly at your or your customers' premises. In no time you will be able to impress again with the perfection that makes you so special.

The all-inclusive package
for furniture designers & architects.



When even the best care no longer helps against years of weathering - then it's time for our home refresh! With a complete paint job, our surface repair professionals will make doors, windows, window sills and winter gardens shine again.

The all-inclusive package for homeowners.

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