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Easy cleaning, perfect care.

Find your products for impeccable surfaces.

Plastic and aluminum elements need regular care so that they remain visually appealing even after years. Like the paint on your car, these elements should – depending on the weather – maintain at least once a year. We offer selected artclean products for exactly this purpose

We have tested its effectiveness over years of use.


€ 60,-

artclean care set

Our care set is the optimal Basic equipment and includes products for cleaning and caring for your windows and doors. This means the appearance is retained for a long time.

Set consisting of:

  • 1 universal cleaner 710 ml

  • 1 artclean wax 311 g

  • 2 cleaning erasers

  • 2 microfiber cloths (yellow, pink)


€ 27,-

artclean professional wax

Ideal for removing fine scratches and holograms. The ESP formula binds polymers much more firmly to powder-coated and painted surfaces, ensuring the greatest possible protection. 



€ 23,-

artclean universal cleaner

Powder-coated and painted surfaces as well as glass can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with this product. Fresh dirt such as dust, bird and insect droppings are removed in no time without damaging the surface. In addition, the surface is nourished, which reliably returns the original shine.


artrepair_artclean_micro fiber

€ 6,-

Microfiber cloth

Thanks to the fine structure of the microfibers, dirt particles adhere faster and more easily than to a conventional cloth. One microfiber is approximately 1/100 the diameter of a human hair; it is approximately 300 times smaller than a cotton fiber. For this reason, the microfiber cloth can better absorb dirt from the surface without scratching it.

yellow or pink

Shopartikel von artrepair


Cleaning eraser

The special sponge made of microfine plastic balls reacts in combination with water. This means that even stubborn dirt, fingerprints, grease deposits, adhesive residue, soot and more can be reliably removed.

5 pieces (multiple orders: price on request)

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